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Digital & Creative

Sila provides strategic creative solutions for digital touchpoints along the journey of customer experience (CX).

Creating an innovative, holistic customer experience using an array of digital and creative services—or even revamping an existing experience—can be a daunting undertaking. As demand for personalization grows, we will give you the tools to understand your customers so you can approach them with authenticity.

We bring design and data together to create experiences that resonate, converting prospects into loyal customers. We’ll steer you clear of the false starts and failure to launch that are all too common without a team of experts by your side.


Whether you are contending with ill-defined application requirements or need a minimum viable product to secure management buy-in, Sila will help you demonstrate value quickly while staying nimble through design and rapid prototyping.

If you know what your business stands for, but you are still searching for its voice—or if your visual identity is not making the right first impression—Sila will leverage our brand strategy and design expertise to make sure you are telling the story that matters.



Customer Web Portal Modernization: Blending Functionality and Design for an Innovative User Experience

Our digital & creative practice focuses on:

  • Brand & Product Strategy

  • Customer Experience Strategy & Design

  • User Interface Design & Development

  • User Experience Design & Development

  • High Fidelity Prototyping


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