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Customer Web Portal Modernization: Blending Functionality & Design for an Innovative UX


When a client’s high-traffic customer web portal needed modernization, Sila’s team of developers and designers delivered the right mix of technical skills and user experience savvy to create a cutting-edge digital destination that surfaced critical insights and streamlined workflow for the multiple end-customer personas using the portal.


Each month, more than 55,000 users at 1,200 global companies complete 135 million transactions to access 20 terabytes of data through our client’s secure web portal. The portal is a central part of the customer experience and after over a decade of service, it was time for an overhaul that addressed it shortcomings:

  • Unintuitive navigation and search functionality

  • Fragmented/inconsistent user experience across domains

  • Hard-to-find current and historical data

  • Outdated user interface

  • Limited personalization/customization of user experience and workflow

  • Limited content management capability

Sila’s Impact

Sila allowed the customer to rethink their digital transformation to take advantage of the existing data and application-rich environment and turn it into an intuitive customer experience that increased the end-user’s efficiency. Setting the vision, and managing and partnering with a multi-faceted team, Sila lead the customer through their initial digital transformation, multiple software releases and then transitioned the project back to the customer. Our client was setup for success as they took control of day-to-day management of the portal with better processes for design and enhancements on a more frequent basis. 

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