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Software Engineering & Integration

Success today means operating within complex landscapes that include a mix of legacy systems, emerging technologies, and on-premise and cloud applications. This can be both disruptive and overwhelming.

Through innovation and breaking solutions down into digestible pieces, we show companies how to deliver value in complex environments.

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Sila brings DevOps and Agile best practices to our engagements, enabling application and service delivery to be done with high velocity.

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We build applications that improve customer experiences, drive organizational efficiencies, aggregate huge quantities of data, and embed mature security practices throughout to protect our customers’ data and proprietary information.

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We leverage a framework of governance, automation, and tooling to deliver features that customers value rapidly and predictably.

Every company expects that the cloud will soon be part of its enterprise, even if it isn’t yet today. With Sila’s guidance, organizations can leverage the power of the cloud with services that offer flexibility otherwise unavailable with standard enterprise solutions. Sila embeds mature identity governance and administration practices into every stage and layer of cloud implementation to control access and enhance security.

Sila knows that complexity extends not only to the landscape but to user needs, as well. We specialize in helping companies analyze those needs and then design, build, and test software products that lead to success in a complex, competitive world.



We’re Open, Come On In: Building a Data Storefront to Enhance Data Availability to Application Teams

Our software engineering & integration practice focuses on:

  • Solutions Integration

  • Technology Adoption

  • Cloud Delivery Services

  • DevOps Engineering

  • Web Services & API Development


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