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Data Analytics

Organizations are saturated with data, gathering ever-increasing amounts of information to advance their business and security goals—yet they often struggle to address data handling and analysis-related challenges.

The Importance of Data Analytics

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Companies operating in industries subject to widescale fraud such as retail, finance, and healthcare have an imperative to uncover deceptive activities.

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Enterprises that desire to better market their products need increased insight into what products and services their customers need.

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Those with supply chain operations want to be predictive so they can determine when or where supply is needed.

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And those subject to audit and regulatory requirements have great incentive to control data privacy and improve reporting techniques.

At Sila, our data analytics professionals support organizations in addressing these problems by making data their most valuable corporate asset. Data lets companies focus their business model around highly strategic, differentiating use cases. From fraud detection to next-best-action marketing, and from predictive maintenance to insurance underwriting, data is at the core of any organization’s success.

Sila helps ensure that data is high quality, governed properly, and easily discoverable for use with analytics and machine learning. Sila also comes prepared to leverage that data to provide business value through analytics, reporting, and automated machine learning, resulting in good data driving good decisions.


Sila’s strong domain experience elevates our understanding of our client’s pain points, operating methodologies, and technical intricacies. We bring the right people together with the right technologies and processes to ensure project success. Good data drives good decisions.



Sila’s Custom Tool Improves Migration to Azure DevOps

Our data analytics practice focuses on:

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Quality & Governance

  • Data Management

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Architecture & Engineering


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