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Building a Path to Success with a Roadmap & Organizational Restructure


A division of our global aviation client needed a robust plan of action to increase team efficiency and collaboration, meet growth goals, and deliver the right products for their customers’ needs. The Sila team partnered with them to build a strategic roadmap, organizational structure, and portfolio management approach to deliver both immediate change and long-term success.


One of our client’s lines of business develops information systems that facilitate airplane maintenance activities through advanced decision-support solutions. They wanted to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how they provide solutions to their customers. Sila identified the following key challenges facing our client:

  • Lack of a business strategy and strategic roadmap

  • Limited integration among products

  • Stove-piped organization structure which inhibits collaboration and efficiency

To address those challenges Sila defined a range of objectives, developing processes and procedures that:

  • Facilitate the extraction of strategic themes from the business strategy to support the creation of a strategic roadmap

  • Communicate the strategic roadmap to the product development groups

  • Collaborate across product development teams to meet those strategic themes and business strategy

  • Deliver products that provide the same user experience across all products

  • Modify the current organizational structure to enable the integration of products

  • Establish a lean portfolio management function

Sila’s Impact

The Sila team worked closely with client stakeholders to understand their needs and to build the organizational plans and processes essential for meeting their goals with a pace and approach that was sustainable for them. We provided organizational strategic consultation, research services, process and organization model development, and toolset recommendations.

Over the course of a year, we delivered a well-articulated strategic roadmap, a collaborative organizational structure, and an active portfolio management approach.Sila developed a functional framework model that helped communicate portfolio-level goals, including providing strategic direction and increasing collaboration among client programs.

Sila assisted with the selection of portfolio management tools along with standardizing a common toolset for the portfolio. The common toolset reduced the cost of maintaining and training for multiple tools while increasing the ability for teams to collaborate and adapt.Through consultation and coaching sessions, Sila recommended a new organizational structure that would eliminate program siloes and support a collaborative solution management approach. Sila also introduced the use of a solution management function that facilitated greater communication between product management and software development teams. This helped refocus delivery on the best solutions for our client and its customers and away from siloed, internal delivery perspectives.  

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