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Managing the Data and Security Risks of Cloud Migration


Sila is focused on protecting our client’s business data as they migrate to the cloud to improve delivery of services, applications, and data to customers worldwide. We actively provide thought leadership to protect that data through risk awareness, mitigation, and intelligent response.


As our global aviation client shifts business data to the cloud to improve customer delivery they rely on Sila for critical services to manage the risks associated with cloud migration and data storage, including:

  • Defining processes for implementing application risk assessments

  • Performing security risk assessments on application data and architecture patterns

  • Facilitating tabletop exercises to determine vulnerabilities and demonstrate incident response capabilities

  • Ensuring scalability of applications flowing to external environments

  • Architecting solutions for a private cloud environment that will host sensitive applications and data

Sila’s Impact

Business models are changing, and Sila is helping our client keep pace in a secure, risk-aware manner. The application and architecture risk assessment results Sila provides allow our client to make informed decisions about data security as their migration efforts proceed. Sila’s value goes beyond data production, helping our client analyze and interpret their risk data, based on best practices and their unique needs and risk tolerance. 

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